Music Production

We help record labels, advertising agencies, corporations, individual artists and bands with the music creation process. By using the top music producers, composers, arrangers, audio engineers, studio musicians, world-class equipment and modern technology, we develop your music ideas and make it possible for you to have high quality music for your project and at a price you can afford.
Whether you need help recording your songs, a jingle for a commercial, theme music for a TV show, soundtrack for a movie, etc., we can help you turn your project into a reality. No matter how big your project or whatever style or genre, we will go beyond your expectations and deliver a product beyond your imagination.
Single, EP and Album Production
Professionally produced, recorded, mixed and mastered songs will help you achieve success, but a mediocre demo definitely puts you at a disadvantage. Master quality songs are now what is expected in the music industry,.
For the serious artist or band, a professional EP (extended play) or LP (long play) full-length album is essential to promote your tour and music online. They are a great way for musicians to advance to the next level and start gaining exposure to their target audience.
Songs Produced Online
We can also produce your songs if you send them online. Just upload your chords, lyrics and the type of style with our safe and secure server. We will produce the song complete with professional instrumentation. If you like, we can also have a professional singer perform the vocals on your tracks. Even if your tracks are already recorded, we can still add other instruments to your tracks such as orchestration, world instruments, guitar, bass, keyboards, sax, brass, etc.
Ultimately we would prefer to have you record your vocals at our studio, but alternately we can send the mixed instrumental version of your song to download online. You can then take it to a studio by where you live to record your vocals. Contact us if you need help in finding a nearby studio. Make sure that the vocal audio files are bounced from the beginning of the instrumental track. Next just upload your newly created vocal track via our upload server and we will add it to the music tracks. We will then mix, master and send you online a completed WAV or AIF file and Mp3 of your song to download.