Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and distribution strategies for your music can be developed by our promotions team. We can help get your CD’s duplicated or replicated with fast turn around and affordable pricing. We can also help make your music available for digital marketing and distribution through iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.

Our professional photographers and graphic designers can give you that high quality, polished look that you see in commercially released CD’s, digital downloads and promotional artwork and photographs. Whether you are a singer or a band, our professional photographers and graphic designers can create stunning images for your single and album covers, promotional photos, posters, press releases and other visual images for your music career.

Music videos are a vital promotional tool for exposure and marketing of an artist or band. Professionally produced videos of your concerts, conceptual videos or both will stand out better on YouTube or Vimeo. Music videos create a long lasting impact on your fans and causes them to buy your music and attend your concerts.