We can create a catchy jingle for your company or corporation that will have an emotional impact on your customers and call them to action. With a great slogan and melody, your message will be remembered as your jingle plays over and over in your customer’s mind. Your song can be written in any style (genre) to fit your targeted market or demographic. Branding of your product or service will have better success by using your jingle on the radio, television, on-hold messages and the Internet.

What is the process?

  1. 1. Fill out the Jingle Form online.
  2. 2. We record a demo so you can hear the basic structure and sung melody.
  3. 3. You approve the demo or we make changes until you’re satisfied.
  4. 4. We complete the song in the genre (style), instrumentation, vocal(s) and mixes that you specified on your Jingle Form.
  5. 5. We send an email with a link to download your completed jingle you specified on the Jingle Form.

How To Get started

Fill out the Jingle Form online.

We will send you an email with a custom quote  or call you to discuss your jingle.

10 Reasons Why Jingles?

1. Instant Identification

Jingles add instant identification. Throughout the entire commercial, the music is playing, hammering home the identity you’re trying to achieve. As the listener becomes more and more familiar with the music, hearing the jingle is enough to cause your product or service’s name to jump into the listener’s mind.

2. Humming Your Melody

Jingles are hummable. Everyone hums a tune now and then; and every one will be humming your new melody, thinking about your store, products, and services. Jingles can be the most memorable part of any broadcast advertising campaign.

3. Attention-Getting

Jingles are attention-getting. With thousands of commercials airing daily, a dynamic new jingle will get the listener’s attention quicker than any other element in the campaign.

4. Next Local Hit

Jingles are fun. Everyone loves music and your jingle could be the next local hit song.

5. Jingles Remembered

Jingles are remembered long after everything else about your commercial is forgotten.

6. Creative Product Identification

You can really get your creative juices going when you work with us on developing a new musical identification for your product or service.

7. Advertising Consistency

With the right jingle, you will build name recognition, store traffic, and customer loyalty, faster than any promotion you create. The jingle gives you a consistent vehicle with which to build your advertising campaign and keep it going.

8. Long Shelf-Life

You will get more mileage out of a new music package than any other advertising tool, except logos. Jingles live on and on even when other advertising materials get stale. If the musical style changes, updating the track is easy and relatively inexpensive.

9. Greater Success

Jingles give you greater success in selling your product or service than library (stock) or buy-out production music. That’s why only 20% of music used by major advertisers is from pre-recorded libraries. Music created and shaped around your advertising message highlights your words so they stand out, calling your listener to action.

10. Affordable

With modern technology, having a fresh new jingle is no longer out of reach of even the smallest advertiser.