Dr. Walter L. Whitfield III

Walter was born in Roselle, New Jersey. He received his doctorate degrees from Seton Hall University and University of Maryland. Walter also studied acting at Newark School Of The Arts. His acting ability was recognized by his instructor who would have him guest instruct in her absence. Soon he was invited to work at cable station TV32 in South Orange, New Jersey on various television productions. For five years he learned the skills necessary to produce and direct a multiple camera shoot, on set in a television studio. An opportunity came up to become the director of the television talk show, A Closer Look and with his experience, Walter was a shoe-in for the spot. After directing the show for three years, he resigned and moved to Maine to study film production at film and video workshops. Walter won an award for his short film The Salesman.

After the workshops, Walter moved to Burbank, California where he did numerous background assignments until he met the son of a hitman. His name was Keith Vickers. He was looking for a writer to help him turn a twenty page treatment into a 120 page feature length film script. The script was based on the true life exploits of his father, Sonny Vickers. Sonny lived in Texas and worked for the Dixie Mafia. He was their number one hitman. It took Walter and Keith almost a year to flesh out the script. During this period Walter also worked as an actor and stunt man on a film called Gemini Rising. The name was later changed to Alien Rising. On the set of Gemini Rising, Walter and Keith met award winning writer, producer, director and actor, Nunzio Fazzio. They began a collaboration which lead to the production of the movie, Lone Star Hitman. Nunzio schooled them on the process of financing motion pictures. Walter became a consultant for the financing of motion pictures and created “The Finance Check List” used by many Hollywood financiers.