Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell during his childhood was always fascinated by cameras. His Dad showed him how to use and let him practice on a box type Brownie camera and AGFA camera. Scott Mitchell always loved photography, photos, and taking photos. He took a basic photo class in high school and college. There was no digital photography back then, just film. Scott learned the basics, developed and printed his own images. Now, with an arsenal of digital cameras, lighting and equipment, Scott has become an expert at his craft including editing in Photoshop.

Scott loves to capture candid shots of people where ever he finds them. He is best well known for his music related images. He has an archive of over 750,000 music images, but is also a serious photojournalist at heart. Scott seems to have visual radar, always looking out for interesting moments and photo opportunities. For the record, he is anti-paparazzi and respects privacy rights. There are boundaries that he will not cross for a photo.

Scott Mitchell specializes in peak action, like sports, martial arts, or a guitar player jumping in the air during a show. He also photographs dance, face shots, Victoria’s Secret and other modeling events. He covers a lot of local sports from the pros to colleges. Scott is a serious photojournalist and is always looking for a moment or a story to capture and share. He is the house photographer at the “Catalina Jazz Club” in Hollywood and the world famous “Whisky A Go Go” in West Hollywood. He also photographs for the “Zuma Press”, “Dailysingle” and is a free-lance photographer for a variety of publications.