Bri Xandrick

Producer | Graphic Designer
Bri Xandrick began her passion for film as an offset of her upbringing. Her mother was an agent for a child prodigy artist. Bri grew up going to some of the finest galleries, spent weekends in random cities with some of the smallest galleries and was exposed to the widest array of art work imaginable. She began to appreciate the beauty in all forms of art, captivated every time she would see a film exhibit. Studying set design, performance and art through adolescence, Bri was immersed in learning about her craft.

After attending both the University of Southern California for architectural studies as well as Chapman University for Producing and Advertising, Bri has honed a wonderful combination of artistry and business. Since graduating, she has become a certified graphic designer, to enhance her projects, often taking on promotional and marketing material. Bri Xandrick currently produces videos and web-based content while maintaining a great foundation in design and working with those skills in a variety of projects.